Indoor Gardening

After what felt like a terribly long winter, it seems that spring has finally arrived. (Crossing my fingers.) The warm weather motivates me to get outside and cultivate flowers and our vegetable garden. We had a decent crop of veggies last summer, and I’m hoping we can replicate that success and even improve upon it this year. We’ll plant vegetables this coming weekend.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. During the course of this chilly winter, I’ve discovered how delightful it is to adopt indoor plants. They have made our home feel much more vibrant and full of life, even when the weather outside is grey and dim. Not only this, but they also have improved our health by adding oxygen to the air and filtering out toxins. What’s not to love?

This little airplant terrarium joined our collection a couple of months ago. It’s hanging next to a sunny window in our dining room.

hanging airplant

These friendly succulents took up residence in the living room. I especially like the combination of the three different plants and the bark-lined container. It brings added loveliness to the space and to every day.


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5 Responses to Indoor Gardening

  1. MarySue Black says:

    I LOVE this! Everytime I go to our local yard and garden center, I’m always tempted by their “build your own terrarium” area…. After seeing yours, I may just have to do this, its so pretty.

  2. sarah jo says:

    I had a gorgeous Amarylis plant that I kept indoors; it bloomed huge and red in January. The contrast between gray winter and the huge red bloom was too jolting. Your terrarium and succulents seem much more appropriate. :] Also, I like your earlier post about the expectations for your blog. I struggle with the same thing – which is perhaps why I switch back and forth between two different blogs and don’t keep either congruent.

  3. Megan Lane says:

    What little beauties! I love having indoor plants. How exciting that you’ll be planting veggies soon! I hope to get much more into gardening in Portland :D

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