Urban Farming

image of cabbage

This past weekend, Mason and I attended our local Urban Farm Tour. Together with some good friends, we visited about a half-dozen backyard gardens. Some were located at private homes, while others were at schools and community centers. It was such an inspiring day.

image of flowers

Mason and I are attempting garden wholeheartedly this year – with a raised bed for veggies and potted herbs – and this weekend’s tour was so encouraging!

image of mint

I think events like these are really important. I got to see what strategies others are using and believe that it is possible for Mason and me to actually be gardeners. There is something vital about growing our own food and sharing our experience with others, and it’s nice to know that we don’t have to have a massive farming operation to make a difference in what we eat.

image of kale

Here’s to health and fresh, homegrown summer produce!

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3 Responses to Urban Farming

  1. sarah jo says:

    I’m super impressed that speckled lettuce can still grow up there! Ours turned bitter at least a full month ago. Sigh. The joys of gardening in Texas. Ya know, just like most things in life, there’s a learning curve but once you’re past it, you marvel at how easy gardening is and because it’s definitely enjoyable, then the curve is totally worth the missteps :) {just remember that when your tomato plants get eaten or your basil flowers after a month, HAHA!}

    (p.s. I know my grammar sucks. please like me anyway :)

  2. Megan Lane says:

    That’s so awesome that the two if you are farming! Living in a rental space has held me back from going for it, although I do grow potted herbs each summer (need to pick some up at the farmers’ market this weekend!) best of luck! You’ll have to post photo updates :)

  3. Ashley says:

    It took us a good two full growing seasons to figure out what will and will not grow well up here. I think we’ve finally got it because our garden (as small as it is) is flourishing this year! I LOVE being able to run outside and grab a hand full of lettuce or herbs or collard greens… I want to see your cute garden! Put up some pics soon!!

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