Happy Cows!

image of happy cow creamery

On Saturday, Mason and I took a little drive to the country to visit Happy Cow Creamery, the local dairy from which we buy most of our milk. We took a wonderfully informative tour of the farm, and we met several of these lovely creatures.

image of happy cows

It was so interesting and encouraging to hear the passion that the farmer there has for his cows. He makes sure that they are healthy and content, and he rotates the grass in his pasture with great precision so that the cows produce milk with optimum nutrition year-round. After the cows are milked, they “low-temp” pasteurize the milk, which allows the milk to be sold at grocery stores that won’t sell raw milk. However, this gentle process preserves the enzymes and proteins in the milk, making it healthier and easier to digest. (Most commercial milk is ultra-pasteurized, which kills off much of the good stuff found in cows’ milk.) I knew beforehand that I liked the milk produced by Happy Cow. Now I’m even more convinced.

After the tour, we and shopped for some local produce and, of course, dairy products. Thanks to delicious buttermilk, cheese, and ice cream, we were a couple of happy people. We had a total blast!

image of happy people

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2 Responses to Happy Cows!

  1. Megan Lane says:

    how cool!! i should find out if there are any dairy farms around here. i would love to buy our dairy products local. you and your hubby are adorable!!

  2. sarah jo says:

    I never liked milk before (and it never liked me) :D but our friendly mennonite dairy farmers give us the tastiest milk!! and I never have any stomach problems…interesting eh? :) Bring on the summer heat, Texas, I’ve got yummy ICE CREAM!

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