Ready for Spring

Last weekend, we were blessed with some tremendously warm and sunny weather. Thus, Mason and I decided to work on improving our yard, especially our front lawn. It was a mess of poor soil, cedar mulch, and somewhat unhappy grass. We were more than ready to improve it for the spring.

Thanks to the magic of Zaarly, we got a load of bricks delivered right to our front yard! (Along with a quarter cord of firewood to help our un-used fireplace look less dismal. Pics of that later on.)

image of bricks and wood

This area of the yard had previously been a section of rock-hard clay, covered with cedar mulch and infested with tons of disorganized monkey grass. Not my favorite.  So we got to work digging, adding in organic garden soil, and creating a border using the bricks.

image of gardening

I planted some flowering groundcover,┬áperennials, and other bulbs as well. Now we’re just waiting for it to grow. Here’s hoping!

image of finished garden

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29 Responses to Ready for Spring

  1. sarah jo says:

    dear friend, how I love it when you blog! Not the least because your pictures are always gorgeous (and I’m a little envious of that :)

  2. Megan Lane says:

    looks great! sounds like a huge improvement. right now, we live in a rental & our landlord does the yardwork. i look forward to having a lawn of our own to pretty up though! i’m a little jealous that you were outside with shorts on! it’s in the ’30s here.

  3. Diana says:

    Oooh, I’m itching to get started improving our yard as well! Good work!

  4. Katie says:

    Thanks, friends!

    Megan, we rent as well, but we are in charge of mowing the grass. We just couldn’t take the state of the front beds anymore. :)

  5. cindy omire says:

    just checking in I see I missed a lot !!! Love your posts and miss yall terribly!! Would love to see your place!!! Yall look so happy!! Xoxo

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  8. Shella says:

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